Biometric access control in bars and clubs

Hotels provide their customers with access to rooms through keys and magnetic stripe cards that are susceptible to loss and damage. Visit Entry® is the solution to this problem, since it identifies people through biometric data such as fingerprints and facial recognition, a secure and easy-to-use method that will allow hoteliers to provide better service to their customers and have a more rigorous control of who enters and leaves its facilities.

How does it work?

When a client who arrives at the hotel facilities, registers by presenting his citizenship card to the reception staff, who, using a QR code reader gun, will be able to automatically enter the information that appears on the identity document into the system. .

Subsequently, they record the biometric data of the person such as the photograph and the fingerprint and with the latter a personalized user configuration is made, they are given access to a specific room and to the different areas of the hotel to which they are entitled, according to the fee cancelled. In this way, the client will be able to transit through any area, placing their fingerprint on the biometric sensors found in each of the access doors.

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Access modes

  • Fingerprint

It is the most secure identification method that currently exists, because it is personal and non-transferable, as well as being practical and easy to use, since it is not lost or deteriorates over time.

  • face recognition

It is used to have control of the person's facial biometrics, so that the cameras recognize the users and, if necessary, give them access to a specific area, from the reception.

Benefits of implementing Visit Entry® in hotels

Better quality of service

The majority of clients who visit a hotel do so for fun or business reasons and it is very inconvenient for them to have to carry a card to enter and leave the hotel, so access to any area through the fingerprint is the best option in terms of practicality and also the most secure.

cost savings

The fact of not to buy and repair magnetic cards, keys or entry chips, makes the implementation of this system economical and has a fast return on investment.

Agile reception process

The reception staff will not have to enter the personal data of a client, but will be able to obtain them by reading the QR code of their citizenship card, through our identity document code reader gun.

Guaranteed security

Biometric data is unique for each person, which prevents impersonation. Furthermore, the fact that the access element is part of the human body makes it virtually impossible for it to be lost, damaged, or stolen.

Report generation

Reports and statistical data can be obtained that are useful for the administrative areas to have an d database and know how many clients came to the hotel in a specific period, what rates they paid, among other information.


Visit Entry® is the ideal technological solution for your hotel, since it has state-of-the-art technology that guarantees quality and innovation and, in general, provides improvements throughout the value chain of your business.

Some additional features of Visit Entry®


Easy to use

Intuitive interface design, very easy to use for those who need to operate it.

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Multi platform

It adapts to any device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet.



The system sends alerts to reception, if someone tries to access an area without being authorized.


Fast user registration

Through our card reader, the information is automatically saved in the system.


Real time information

All information is displayed in real time, at any time of the day and from any in the world.


Custom settings

It provides access or restricts the areas through which a user can circulate, according to the paid services.

Technical support

Support and advice from our experts

Our System complies with all the conditions at a technological level, with which we give our clients the security that we will make a correct implementation.

Visit Entry® is a versatile tool that allows a configuration adjusted to the client's requirements. Our experts provide continuous support, from the start of the project to its execution, and also resolve new issues or errors for life. This represents a big difference with companies that buy an application, because it does not include support and they have to pay for it as an additional plan.






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