Access control for construction workers

Security risks within construction projects can be mitigated through Visit Entry, our system offers you the possibility of controlling the working hours of your collaborators within the works, all through the web.

How does it work?

Fingerprint reading is the most effective and secure method for reporting working hours, as it does not allow counterfeiting, unlike other options, which is why, by means of simple footprints installed at the required points and anchored to a PC with internet connectivity, employees will be able to record their start and end of the working day, including their lunch time, this information will be housed in a back , through a username and password, the supervisors or personnel in charge, will be able to:

View reports in real time

Update staff information

Group staff by areas

Blacklist management

Schedule Appointment

When capturing the information of the person, it is housed in a virtual log which allows to know in detail, how long he was inside the facilities, with filters to know information by days, weeks or months.

Access modes

  • QR code

A web-based access control information system for checkpoints, used for visitors, vendors and vehicles that do not require a control card or fixed authentication mechanism.

  • Fingerprint

It is the most secure identification method that currently exists, because it is personal and non-transferable, as well as being practical and easy to use, since it is not lost or deteriorates over time.

  • face recognition

It is used to have control of the person's facial biometrics, so that the cameras recognize the users and, if necessary, give them access to a specific area, from the reception.

Benefits of implementing Visit Entry® in building access


Flexible and easy to use


Real-time reporting


Security and truthfulness in information through fingerprint capture


User roles, for information display


black lists


Eliminate paperwork for payroll management, you will have everything on the web


information in the cloud

Technical support

Support and advice from our experts

Our System complies with all the conditions at a technological level, with which we give our clients the security that we will make a correct implementation.

Visit Entry® is a versatile tool that allows a configuration adjusted to the client's requirements. Our experts provide continuous support, from the start of the project to its execution, and also resolve new issues or errors for life. This represents a big difference with companies that buy an application, because it does not include support and they have to pay for it as an additional plan.






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