Access control to bars and clubs

With Visit Entry you can use a transcendental way, which allows you to have control of people attending your establishments!

How does it work?

By means of a QR code reading to the identity document of each person, you will be able to register the attending users, in order to facilitate and optimize the time of entry and exit of the place.

By doing so, the system captures the person's information, stores it in a virtual log, which allows you to know when they entered, how long they were inside the facilities, and you can also:

• Have reports management.

• Control the capacity of people in establishments.

• Manage black lists.

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Access modes

  • QR code

A web-based access control information system for checkpoints, used for visitors, vendors and vehicles that do not require a control card or fixed authentication mechanism.

  • Fingerprint

It is the most secure identification method that currently exists, because it is personal and non-transferable, as well as being practical and easy to use, since it is not lost or deteriorates over time.

  • face recognition

It is used to have control of the person's facial biometrics, so that the cameras recognize the users and, if necessary, give them access to a specific area, from the reception.

Benefits of implementing Visit Entry® in bars and nightclubs


The invitation is sent to an existing email account.


Entry times; single or recurring visits; information about who is inside and who has already left.


Applies to all accesses: visitors, suppliers, contractors, employees or residents.


You can obtain reports and statistical data that will be useful such as: the number of customers who entered your establishment, the period of time they were there, the products they purchased, among others.


Visit Entry® will allow you to have an impeccable capacity control, in this way you will avoid saturating the establishment, comply with biosafety regulations and you will have a specific count of the number of clients in your bar or nightclub.

black list

If unwanted people come to your establishment, you just have to identify them and add them to the blacklist. The next time they try to enter, they will be alerted according to the history of the list.

Some additional features of Visit Entry®


Easy to use

Intuitive interface design, very easy to use for those who need to operate it.

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Multi platform

It adapts to any device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet.



The system sends alerts to reception, if someone tries to access an area without being authorized.


Fast user registration

Through our card reader, the information is automatically saved in the system.


Real time information

All information is displayed in real time, at any time of the day and from any in the world.


Custom settings

It provides access or restricts the areas through which a user can circulate, according to the paid services.

Technical support

Support and advice from our experts

Our System complies with all the conditions at a technological level, with which we give our clients the security that we will make a correct implementation.

Visit Entry® is a versatile tool that allows a configuration adjusted to the client's requirements. Our experts provide continuous support, from the start of the project to its execution, and also resolve new issues or errors for life. This represents a big difference with companies that buy an application, because it does not include support and they have to pay for it as an additional plan.






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