Entry and exit control of business visitors

With Visit Entry® you can keep a rigorous and detailed control of the visits that enter and leave your company. Its design based on the use of biometric technology allows the storage of physical data of a person, such as a photograph and fingerprint, and through a citizenship card code reader, a user's information is automatically registered in the system, which avoids delays in receipt produced by manual registration systems.

Avoid queues at the reception

Streamline the flow of personnel entering and leaving your facilities and avoid long reception processes.

Our software has a QR code reader gun for citizenship cards that automatically saves in the system the basic information that appears on a person's identity document, such as names, surnames, city and date of birth and identification number. .

On the other hand, it stores biometric data that is unique for each person, such as fingerprints and photographs, so that when a user has already been registered in the system for the first time, they will not have to announce themselves at reception again, but will go directly to the fingerprint readers that are located at the access points to the company and there you can enter and exit, presenting your fingerprint or your ID.

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Access modes


Identification by citizenship card

Avoid the long lines at reception, waiting for the staff in charge to enter the basic information of a visitor.


Fingerprint identification

Save the fingerprint of your visitors, so that when they return they do not have to register again at the reception, but enter directly.


Facial recognition identification

Keep a photographic record of all the people who enter your facilities, in order to have detailed and secure control of your visits.

Smart scheduling

All the visits that come to your company can be managed through our mobile APP, by any employee of the organization, at any time and from any place.

Visit Notifications

Benefits of using Visit Entry® as a visitor access control system.


Security limits per user

The system allows you to create the profiles of each person, control the time they can stay in the company and also define the places they can travel according to their visit.


It is a more reliable and secure system

Biometric data is unique for each person, so this type of identification method prevents impersonations and mistakes by reception staff.


Decrease in hiring costs

As it is a system that digitizes all the information and does not make identification errors, it is possible to dispense with some personnel in the surveillance or reception areas.


Improvement in the quality of service

Your customers and suppliers will benefit, since they will not be delayed in the process of entering and leaving the company and this will generate a better user experience.


Updated database

You will be able to view the information of your visitors 24 hours a day and from any in the world, simply by entering the system.


effective time control

The people in charge of registering the visits will not delay typing on the computer, nor writing in uncomfortable notebooks.



If you have a company you receive clients continuously, they will be grateful for the time savings they can make when they visit your company and that will be a point of differentiation with respect to your competition.


Visit scheduling

Your collaborators can schedule different appointments during the day, through the mobile app, so that when people arrive, they only have to go to the entrance turnstiles, avoiding going through reception.


Generate reports and lists

  • List of foreigners or nationals who entered.
  • People on blacklist, authorized or pre-authorized.
  • Visits between dates and reports of people who have temporary authorization.
  • Report of clients, suppliers and messaging

Review your visits and modify them

The system will allow you to reorganize your visit agenda as many times as you have to.

You and any employee of your organization can use the Visit Entry mobile app to modify the conditions of any visit, defining the time in which the person will be received and the time spent inside the facilities.

In addition, you can also give a user access to the areas you prefer, cancel an appointment and even deny access to someone or put them on a blacklist so that they can never enter the organization again.

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Some additional features of Visit Entry®

Intuitive Interface

Its technology is easy to use and quickly learned.

Alerts and notifications

The system will send you notifications advising that your visit is at reception.


Its design easily adapts to any device such as a computer, cell phone or tablet.


Create the profiles of your visitors and grant them the access permissions you prefer.

24 hour operation

You can access the information and modify it at any time of the day.

System improvements

The system is d with improvements regularly.

real-time communication

Through the mobile app you can communicate with various areas of the company.

Cross-platform mobile app

Available on Android, Iphone and IOS

Fully Web Design

It does not require installations, everything is handled through the web platform.

Technical support

Support and advice from our experts

Our System complies with all the conditions at a technological level, with which we give our clients the security that we will make a correct implementation.

VISIT ENTRY is a versatile tool that allows a configuration adjusted to the client's requirements. Our experts provide continuous support, from the start of the project to its execution, and also resolve new issues or errors for life. This represents a big difference with companies that buy an application, because it does not include support and they have to pay for it as an additional plan.






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