Access control in residential units

Visit Entry® is the best solution to control the entry and exit of people in a residential unit, since it guarantees greater security, since the way to access the facilities is the physical identifying features of each person, such as the fingerprint digital and photography, unique and irreplaceable characteristics of each individual and that cannot be stolen or lost.

How does it work?

Biometric data is unique to each individual, so they are a more reliable and secure alternative to identify a person and avoid using elements such as passwords, pins or access cards that are likely to be stolen or falsified for fraudulent purposes.

This access control system has a fingerprint reader, which also stores data such as photography for facial recognition. In this way, when an individual wishes to enter or leave a residential unit, they can do so by placing their finger on a biometric sensor and the software will verify that the person's fingerprint has been previously stored in the system and will provide or will restrict access to the place, as the case may be.

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Access modes



Both residents and visitors enter and leave an urbanization by placing their fingerprint on the biometric sensor and since it is unique and irreplaceable data, the accuracy of identification is much safer and more reliable.


Photograph for facial recognition

The photograph does not give anyone the possibility of accessing the facilities of a residential unit, but it is important to record it, so that the constant surveillance personnel who are in the goal are who they say they are.

Benefits that Visit Entry® brings to the residential sector


Streamlining the reception process

With Visit Entry® all the information that appears on a citizenship card will be automatically saved in the system, since our software has a QR code reader present in the identification documents.


security and trust

The access mode is the fingerprint, which is a data impossible to duplicate and therefore there will be no place for impersonations.


Saving money

The element that allows the entry and exit of the place is attached to the body and it is impossible for it to be damaged, lost or stolen. Thus, both the administrative area and the local inhabitants save the costs of buying and replacing chips or access cards.



Our technology has the highest quality and safety standards and adapts to the demands of any development in the residential sector, whether it is a small apartment building or a huge residential complex.

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Authorization of visits through the app

If a resident of the urbanization is not at home, but needs to authorize the entry of a third party, they can manage it through our mobile app, registering the data of the person to whom the permit is going to be granted.


Vehicle entry and exit control

The system has a module that controls vehicle access to parking lots.


Report generation.

With the system you will be able to obtain reports of who lives in the residential unit, which people have visited the place, which vehicles enter and leave, among others. This will help the administrative area to keep its database d.


User configuration

Once a person's data has been entered into the system, they can be provided with the necessary accesses and restrictions, being able to specify the areas through which they can travel and the time they can stay in the residential unit, something very useful when they receive home and courier services.

Some additional features of Visit Entry®


System improvements

The system is d with improvements regularly.


Fully web design

Does not require installation. Everything can be managed through the web platform.



All information is hosted in the cloud and can be viewed in real time.


3. Practicality

It does not require cards and chips that are easily lost, nor passwords that are forgotten.


Easy to use

Intuitive interface design, which allows anyone to quickly learn how to use it.


identity document reader

The personal data that appears on the card is automatically saved in the system.

Technical support

Support and advice from our experts

Our System complies with all the conditions at a technological level, with which we give our clients the security that we will make a correct implementation.

Visit Entry® is a versatile tool that allows a configuration adjusted to the client's requirements. Our experts provide continuous support, from the start of the project to its execution, and also resolve new issues or errors for life. This represents a big difference with companies that buy an application, because it does not include support and they have to pay for it as an additional plan.






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